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What to do in Zagreb

Plitvice Lakes day trip

Embrace the natural beauties and enjoy the breathtaking views of the waterfalls and flora that surrounds you. Discover the mesmerizing charm of the National Park Plitvice Lakes, one of the biggest attractions of Croatia that is only 2-hour drive from Zagreb.

Maksimir Park

This 18th-century, 18 hectare park also houses the city zoo. Maksimir Park is the greatest masterpiece of garden architecture in Croatia. Preserving its hundred-year-old oak forests to this day it is a great place to escape the city lifestyle.

Museum of Broken Relationships

Physical and virtual public space created with the sole purpose of treasuring and sharing your heartbreak stories and symbolic possessions. It is a museum about you, about us, about the ways we love and lose. At its core, the Museum is an ever-growing collection of items, each a memento of a relationship past, accompanied by a personal, yet anonymous story of its contributor.

Upper town and Tkalčićeva street

This is the heart of life in Zagreb, numerous pubs and restaurants, people from all over the world. This area of Zagreb is like a living museum. It is street after street of heritage building stretching from the 20th century back to the middle ages. It is a mix of museums and galleries, ancient churches and palaces, restaurants, markets, stores and houses.